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Is Brexit Forcing Some People to Sell Up Too Fast

Impact of Brexit on UK Real Estate Market

The people of the United Kingdom took the decision to exit the European Union in June this year after a referendum. This vote of the British people to exit the EU became popularly known as Brexit. Brexit came as a shock to the other members of the EU and also to the world. It became a hot topic within minutes and trended on social media for weeks. Media covered the news from all across the globe. This decision by the UK people has already started to have a significant impact on the property market and economy of the country.

The UK real estate market had been flourishing for the past many years. The demand for real estate properties in London had especially been quite high. However, after the stock market crashed a little in the aftermath of the Brexit, the real estate sector took a hit too.

Commercial real estate values have fallen by about 3-5% while residential property values have also gone down significantly in the UK ever since . This has come as a shock for many who were planning to re-locate or move to a bigger home by selling their current house so that they can finance a larger one. Read More...

How to Sell Your Home Fast After a Divorce

Few events in life are as trying and difficult as a divorce. Even in the most amicable cases, the divorce often comes with its own painful hardships and headaches. In most marriages, couples grow together, especially financially, and property is one of the investments most people make. As such, even as the matrimonial bonds are broken, it is hard to be separated until all property issues are handled.

In most cases, after a divorce, a couple usually has the following options when it comes to the family home.

Sell the house and divide the proceeds

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House Finances 101

 If you’re about to move alone and you’ve never run your own house finances before, you should take some time to actualy see what your domestic costs will be, and devise a strategy to face them so you make sure you can cover your bills every month. Paying for things at your own house can be quite challenging if you’re not used to. If you are a first timer at living alone or in a couple, chances are your income isn’t still at its highest. Paying for bills and covering your expenses is likely to be somewhat challenging to you. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to manage your home finances, but it definitely implies that you have to give it some thought and some planning.

Cost calculations should be a main part of the process of decision-making from the very beginning. Where are you going to live? Are you going to buy or rent? What area will you choose? What type of building? What will your life standards be? Can you do with them? Read More...

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